Oct 09

What are the Different Types of Bail Bonds?

When you have been arrested, you will have a couple of choices. You can either sit in jail until your court appearance, or you can put up the bail amount that was set for your release. There are different types of bail bonds. Here are a few that will be available depending on the circumstances.

Surety Bond

One of the most common types is a surety bond. If you do not have enough cash for the bail bond, a bondsman will generally charge you 10% of the amount. If your bail is $5,000, they will charge $500 and secure your release from jail. You must promise to show up for all your court appearances.

Many times, a bondsman will work out a payment arrangement if you do not have the entire amount to pay up front. If the bail amount is fairly high, the bondsman may require that you put up something of value in addition to the cash as collateral. An example of a company offering bail bonds scranton pa is Always Available Bail Bonds LLC.

Release on Your Own Recognizance

Depending on the charges, a judge can decide to release you on your own recognizance. This means they are trusting you to return to court when you are supposed to, and you do not have to put up any money. If you do not show up, the judge will issue a bench warrant for your arrest. In addition, getting a bail bond after this can be quite expensive or you may not get one at all, because they now believe you likely will not show up for court.

Cash Bail

If you have the amount of the bail that is set in cash, you can pay this money to the court for your release. A cash bail can be set for people who the judge believes are not likely to show up for court. It can also be set in an amount that most people do not have if the defendant is accused of a very serious crime.

These types are a few of the most common bail bonds. There are others that depend on the type of crime a defendant is accused of and whether they are a legal resident of the US.

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