Mar 07

Ways You Can Harm Your Personal Injury Case

You might know the steps to take when you’re involved in an auto accident, but do you know that certain actions can hurt your case? There are certain things people do or neglect to do that can negatively impact their personal injury claims. Even when you have a personal injury lawyer working for you, making these mistakes can irreparably sabotage your claim. However, familiarizing yourself with these common personal injury pitfalls will help you avoid them in the future.

Even before you begin searching for a personal injury lawyer near me, the actions you take can harm your claim. One example of a common mistake is to delay or decline a medical evaluation. The courts are aware that some people put off their medical treatment, because they know it will cause their injuries to worsen and allow them to ask for more in a personal injury claim. If a judge suspects that this is your strategy, he may limit how much you can claim, or he may disqualify you from filing a claim at all.

Another mistake people make is to discuss their accident and claim with family, friends, or co-workers. The truth is that you really don’t know who is trustworthy and some people may be reporting everything you say to the insurance company. Even if they aren’t intentionally sabotaging your case, they may be spreading gossip that could end up affecting the outcome of your claim.

Social media is another pitfall to avoid. Insurance companies find ways to access social media accounts, so they can use posts, comments, and photos to prove their case. They may use pictures of you at a celebration to suggest that you’re not as injured as you claim, or they can use comments on your post to paint you in a bad light.

While it may not be fair, filing a personal injury claim means everything you do will be scrutinized very closely. This is why many personal injury attorneys advise their clients to stay off social media and cancel any social plans until the case is finished. The defense will expect an injured patient to be miserable and bed-ridden. If you contradict that expectation, they may use your actions against you.

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