Feb 13

Transform The Office

Transform The Office

Whether it’s a home office or one that you have in an area of the building you work at, there are a few things that you can do to make the space comfortable so that you can get more work done during the day. Many offices have a boring design with white walls, not a lot of natural lighting and a small work area. This type of space doesn’t really make anyone want to get any work done. Find a contractor who can begin adding a bit of pizzazz to the office, such a larger windows to allow the sun to shine through and new floors to make the room seem larger.

Blue might not seem like a traditional color to use in an office, but it’s a relaxing hue. If you use teal or brighter shades of blue, then the colors can sometimes trigger a pleasant feeling and one that gives you a slight boost of energy. Avoid colors that are excessively bright as they can sometimes be more distracting then anything. Lighter colors, such as mint, yellow or even a lighter shade or orange can often calm the mind so that you can get more work done.

If you have a lot of files to store, then you might want to consider cabinet doors that hide shelves that are needed for keeping bins of files in one place. This will give a professional look to the office while still keeping everything organized. Recessed storage options in the wall are also an idea. It’s similar to a bookcase, but you could put anything from decorations to decorative bins with important papers in them on the shelves. This will take up less room that can be used for a larger desk or a table for conferences or meetings.

When you can’t seem to come up with ideas, try jotting down a few of them on a chalkboard wall. You don’t need to add this kind of wall to the entire office, but if you have at least one wall that looks like a chalkboard, then it can sometimes make it easier to develop that ideas that you need for a project or a paper.