Feb 07

Tips To Help You Better Calculate Personal Injury Claim Amounts


Calculating the personal injury claim amounts that are justified in a case is something that is much more complicated than what most people think. Unfortunately, since the process is really stressful, it is very easy to miss out on various things of importance. According to a reputable personal injury attorney in Tampa, Florida, a big problem is that people just agree with the initial calculation that is done by the insurance companies. That is never a good idea since the amounts presented would be much lower than what should actually be offered. Because of this, here are some things you should know more about.

The Personal Injury Claim Calculation Formula

In most situations the basic formula that is used to calculate claim amounts is medical expense X pain multiplier + income lost. The mathematic amounts decided for pain multiplier range between 1.5 and 5, based on an assessment done by professionals. Severity of the injuries will determine pain multiplier and you can easily see how much that is based on past cases trialed in the area where you live at the moment.

As a very simple example, let’s think about the sprained neck. This gets low multiplier amount of 3 as the maximum. A broken leg will get a much higher multiplier, even reaching the number 5. It should also be mentioned that multiplier range would go as high as 10 if faced with longer term injuries.

The easiest part of the calculation is definitely medical expenses. The only thing that has to be added about this subject is that future medical expenses should also be added. Most people just think about the initial treatment, which is never actually enough. Income losses are also a little tough to calculate but through some earning documents you can see how much you should be offered.

Things To Remember About Personal Injury Claim Calculations

Way too many individuals make the huge mistake of calculating how much money should be received when they are still undergoing treatment. This is a really bad idea since you never know how much you would have to spend in the future. The very best solution is to calculate this when the medical treatment ends. However, when referring to long term injuries, this is much easier said than done.

In the event the personal injury is a minor one, it is easy to calculate claim amounts. You can easily just hire a personal injury attorney that will calculate every single amount that has to be covered. However, when referring to any injury that is serious, things get really complicated. You will want to be sure that you focus on getting help as soon as possible and that you take things slowly.


Whenever referring to the personal injury claims, there is a degree of subjectivity that appears. Because of this, it is really important to have someone by your side. In the event that you have nobody by your side it is a certainty that the analysis you make is not going to be the correct one. How much money you should receive is never a simple topic.