Oct 11

Theme Park Safety

If you are the owner of an amusement park, making sure it is safe should be your number one priority. A park witness expert can ultimately analyze the causes that lead to the safe or unsafe operation of a theme park. Randy King is an amusement park safety expert that has applied his knowledge to determine the safety level of a theme park.

Experience of Expert Witnesses

An expert witness can use their extensive knowledge and experience to determine whether the attractions at a theme park are safe or unsafe. Many of these witnesses have served in hundreds of accident investigations so that the mechanism of an injury could be determined. Many of these experts also train thousands of amusement operators in safety performance improvement.

Areas of Expertise

Park witness experts have many areas of expertise when it comes to ride operations safety, amusement rides, water slides, and playgrounds, among many other areas. By using their knowledge of safety in these specific areas, they can ensure that patrons enjoying their time at these types of parks can be kept safe.


A park witness expert may oversee a major amusement park such as Six Flags. They might also oversee the safety of a water park such as Hurricane Harbor. Aside from these popular theme parks and water parks, they may also oversee the safety of a minor entertainment center or sports complex center.

Use A Safety Expert For Theme Park Safety

Whether it be a theme park, a water park, or any other type of amusement park, safety should always be the number one priority. By having a park expert witness to determine the safety of a park, patrons and owners of theme parks can put their minds at ease.

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