Sep 10

High Risk Of Being Exposed To Asbestos

Asbestos consists of microscopic fibers that cling to tissues in your lungs and other parts of your respiratory and digestive system. People exposed to asbestos over a long period of time are at greater risk of developing lung cancer, mesothelioma, asbestosis, as well as other medical issues. Asbestos has been used in thousands of products, but there are certain industries where harmful exposure to asbsesots is particularly high.


Since asbestos is fire-resistant, it was often used in incinerators, hot water pipes, boilers, and steam pipes on ships. There are areas on ships that aren’t properly ventilated and the asbestos becomes airborne. The toxic fibers may accumulate in the lungs and can cause cell damage that eventually develops into cancer. For decades, many shipyard workers involved in constructing, repairing, and demolishing ships have been placed in direct contact with asbestos. Workers who are concerned about being exposed to asbestos should consult an asbestos exposure pittsburgh pa attorney who can evaluate their situation.


There are several ways that firefights are exposed to asbestos while performing their job. Some firefighters may have had direct contact with asbestos because their helmets, clothing, and boots were made with the fire-resistant material. They could also be dealing with fires in older homes and commercial buildings that were built with asbestos materials. The fire causes the asbestos to become airborne and they inhale the toxic minerals. Even though firefighters may not notice the symptoms immediately, the asbestos could have become lodged in their lungs and chest and the development of a serious illness will occur years later.


Home renovators and people who work with demolition crews are susceptible to having asbestos-related illnesses. The walls, roofs, and floors in homes have been built with materials filled with asbestos. Many manufacturers no longer create materials that have asbestos, but construction workers who have been in the industry for years may have already been exposed to dangerous amounts of asbestos that will eventually lead to serious health problems.

Some of the other people who have a high risk of being exposed to asbestos work in power plants, factories, steel mills, and textile mills. The symptoms associated with an asbestos-related illness may not be diagnosed for several years after the initial exposure to the toxic substance occurred. An asbestos exposure pittsburgh pa lawyer can inform you of your rights and let you know if you are eligible to receive compensation for your injuries.