Dec 17

Four Ways to Enhance a Positive Work Ethic Within Your Business Team

Work ethic is something you work on throughout your life from the moment of your first choice—and perhaps before that when you’re in school. However, not everyone has had a positive work ethic, but almost everyone is willing to try to improve upon their existing one. That said, you can help your business team enhance a positive work ethic, both together and as individuals, through these four steps.

Be a Role Model for Your Coworkers and Employees, i.e. Practice What You Preach as Expectations

As a business boss, you have expectations and criteria that you expect your coworkers to meet on a daily basis. That said, you need to set an example. Be one of those bosses that is hands-on and unafraid of getting their hands dirty doing mundane tasks. Your coworkers and employees will respect you more if they see that you can meet the same expectations that you set forth.

Present Yourself as a Professional and Expect the Same from Your Business Team

Presenting yourself as a professional is both mental and physical, regardless of where you work. Of course, you need that air of confidence that comes with being the business boss especially if you’re something high-powered like a commercial real estate attorney Charlotte NC. But you also need a professional wardrobe, like a nice suit or business dress, that allows you to put your best physical appearance forward.

Why? Because appearances count and first impressions matter, especially when you’re trying to express yourself as your company’s head honcho.

Be Compassionate and Kind but Don’t Fall Victim to Cliché Lies and Manipulation

Cliché lies and manipulation might be when someone says their (insert distant relative here) dies, but that same relative “died” a week ago too. Of course, it’s important to be compassionate, real, and kind with your employees, but don’t be daft. It’s best to let someone go if they continue to lie and manipulate you just to get a day off.

Maintain a Balance of Professionalism and Fun within Your Team by Forming Friendships and Allowing Yourself to Be Honest and Open

Openness and honesty are the best things you can bring to a business. Right alongside that is professionalism and fun. It is absolutely possible to be a fun professional, but you have to find the balance through trial and error. One popular way to bring fun into a professional workplace is through sales competitions and reward incentives.

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