Jun 04

Dad Finally Agreed to an Air Conditioner

My two brothers and I have tried to talk our father into getting air conditioning for years now. He bought a small house in Queens, and he told us that he enjoyed sitting on the porch when the house got to be too hot. Well, when crime started to spike around his neighborhood and he started spending more time inside, he finally agreed to look into air conditioner installation in NYC. We were all really happy about this, because we knew that he would be a lot more comfortable with air conditioning. While we knew he would miss sitting on the porch as much as he had, we also knew that he would enjoy sitting inside once again too.

I don’t know the first thing about air conditioners, so I let my brothers take care of finding the company that was going to install it. I do take care of Dad’s money though, and he insisted on paying for it himself. When my brothers decided to go with Air Repair USA as the company to install the air conditioner, I talked with one of the sales people there about the air conditioner model that my brothers thought would be best.

The person I talked with agreed with my brothers’ choice, and then the fun part began for me. I thought that it was going to take some wheeling and dealing, but the price was extremely reasonable. I guess I have just gotten used to people trying to raise the price when dealing with a woman, but this company was honest in every part of our interaction with them. Ordering the air conditioner turned out to be very easy, and the tech had it installed in less than 72 hours after Dad agreed to have one put in his house. With customer service like that, it is easy to see why this company is so successful!